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2008 BMW CCA Club Racing School Photos!

2007 BMW CCA Club Racing School Photos!


1988 BMW M5 - Sold!

Build Date: 10/1987

This was the first M5 that I owned. In April of '07, my cousin Chris and I made a marathon drive down to Atlanta and back in order to pick it up.
I sold this car in 2008, so I could buy the other M5 that is now for sale.
Built between 11/86 and 11/87, only 1,370 of these cars were sent to North America from where they had been hand assembled at the BMW Motorsport facility in Garching Germany (a suburb of Munich). The NA version was available only in black with the Natur leather interior (Canadians had the option of black).
Lot's more information about the E28 M5 can be found here.
One interesting fact about this car is that it is #1111. Meaning it was the One Thousand One Hundred and Eleventh DC93 (North American-spec) M5 built!
New! I've added another page of photos of this car. Click here to check them out!
Below are three shots that were in the ad when I bought the car:
1988 E28 M5 - front 1988 E28 M5 - Side 1988 E28 M5 - Rear
I took these down at the shop while doing some work on the race car.
1988 BMW M5 and 1987 BMW 325e 1988 BMW M5 and 1987 BMW 325e 1988 BMW M5 and 1987 BMW 325e
After I got the M5 home,
I had to introduce it to it's kid brother.
I think they got along. These cars are only a
year apart from each other.
1988 BMW M5 and 1987 BMW 325e I've written a lengthy document that covers
the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
as I really want to accurately convey this car's condition.

If you are interested in receiving a copy, email me.
I'm not sure which one I like better!
09-14-2014 09:59:42 PM
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